What We Do


PETRAL Geo Engineering is a multi-disciplinary consultancy operating throughout Pan India, PETRAL was founded as a professional engineering firm specializing in Geotechnical investigation, Geological exploration, Geophysical Investigation, Slope stability analysis and design, Topographical surveys, Geotechnical & Structural Monitoring Instrumentation. PETRAL has traditionally provided a broad scope of services in the fields of geotechnical field investigation, soil / rock sample testing, construction materials testing, non-destructive testing and all type of geophysical investigation including Seismic Refraction test, Cross hole test, Downhole test and Electrical resistivity test. To better serve the special needs of our diverse client base, PETRAL has grown to include the Geotechnical & Structural Monitoring Instrumentation division in recent past.

The size of a project is not the defining motivator at PETRAL. Sharing in the client’s satisfaction of a geotechnical construction job “well done” is what drives us. Large or small, complex or simple, every subsurface problem is one to understand and resolve is our driving force.

PETRAL is managed by a team of well qualified engineers, geologists, geophysicists and technicians; PETRAL specializes in the planning and execution of land and marine geotechnical and geoenvironmental investigations, subsidence investigations, structural investigations, highway pavement assessments etc.

Field services are supported by a comprehensive range of in-house testing services relating to soils, fresh and hardened concrete, bituminous materials, aggregates and construction materials, soil and groundwater contamination land.

This comprehensive capability allows PETRAL to offer a holistic service, addressing the full spectrum of structural, geotechnical and contaminated land issues.

The firm has a reputation for resilience and reliability in meeting the requirements of both client and project in terms of programme, cost and quality, and since its inception PETRAL has developed a portfolio of long standing clients including public authorities, utility providers, major builders, structural and civil consultancies, contractors etc.